Petra nemcova and sean penn dating

Nemcova prefers not to discuss her private life, although her old red carpet lifestyle and former A-list romantic liaisons – she has also dated Sean Penn and James Blunt – were the inevitable fodder of glossy magazines over the years.But, she says, the fiancé whom she lost to the tsunami is still very much part of her life.

I will never know how that happened." She felt herself being carried out into the Andaman by the current and knew that would mean certain death.I started swallowing this toxic water and I thought 'this is it'."I thought, well if I'm meant to go, so be it and I made my peace with what was happening.The couple were taking one final stroll along the beach as they prepared to leave their resort when they noticed the water receding, but like so many holidaymakers, they had no idea that this was the warning sign of an impending tsunami.Untroubled, they had just returned to the bungalow when they heard screams and saw other guests outside running frantically away.

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